My way of Wedding Photo Slideshow

This is how I do the Photo slideshow for my clients, just wanted to share it and maybe let me know how you usually do your version of wedding photo slideshow?

Ivan Lim (ivanlim) 10 Monaten zuvor

This is merely for sharing only... let's learn, share and improve together... :)

David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 10 Monaten zuvor

Very good congrats!!!!

Valiko Proskurnin (valikko) 10 Monaten zuvor

So beautiful and amazing light!

Nick Gritti (nickgritti) 9 Monaten zuvor

Can you explain how you create this?

Ivan Lim (ivanlim) 9 Monaten zuvor

do you mean how i create the photo slideshow?

Mónica Alcalá (no1photos) 8 Monaten zuvor

Hello, amazing¡ Are you using lightroom?

Ivan Lim (ivanlim) 8 Monaten zuvor

i use LR for the photo editing. For the slideshow, I use Adobe Premeir Pro with ProShow.

Rob Korb (robkorb) 2 Monaten zuvor

Hi, Ivan,
Do you offer wedding slideshows as a separate service or do you offer them as a part of the full-day package?

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