WRKSHP Photographers' Conference Brooklyn, NY

  • Event Konferenz
  • Stadt New York City, USA
  • Adresse 501 Union Street Brooklyn, NY
  • Beginnt am 23 Oktober 2017 um 13:00
  • Endet am 26 Oktober 2017 um 23:50
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WRKSHP is for any photographer or videographer who is looking to get inspired and learn a thing or two from the some of the most creative professionals in the world. Class sizes will be small so you'll be able to get some real hands-on experiences with teachers in an interactive setting. Many of the teachers are wedding photographers, and most of the classes will cut to the core about artistic intent and life in a creative field. There will be several classes focused on branding, creative writing and running a business. The list of some of the speakers and topics:
- Samm Blake "Creating a Better Client Experience"
- Forged in the North "Beyond Weddings: Fashion and Beauty"
- The Hons "Shut Up and Hustle"
- Kristen Marie Parker "Being Honest in an Image-Based Industry"
- Levi Tijerina "Disparity & The Storyteller"
- Nicole Mason "Creating Consistency Among Variety"
- Ryan Flynn "Film is Not (*dead*) Scary"
- Bayly & Moore "Finding Your Joy Again"
- Bee Walker "A Portrait: Start to Finish"
- Lauren Scotti "I Had You at Hello" and others.Over the course of WRKSHP you will be able to attend 6 sessions from the teachers, 3 per day. Bee Walker's session is extended and will take the place of 3 sessions on one day. If you sign up for her session, you will be attending four workshop sessions total.The early bird pricing is $999 per ticket. After the first 100 tickets are sold, regular pricing is $1,299. What’s included in the ticket price?Attendance to six 90-minute workshop sessions, all keynote presentations, lunch, dinner, and other events from October 23 – October 26 and a kickass dance party too!Official website: www.wrkshpwrkshp.com

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